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    Since the establishment in 1987, Golden-Bridge has grown into a leader amongst IP law agencies in China. We always focus on delivery professional IP services especially in invalidation and litigation field to....
Our team
Edward Lin

As the founder of Golden Bridge, Mr. Lin has rich experience on IP management and Patent strategy, especially on IP Litigation, Dispute Solution and Patent Invalidation. Before joining Golden Bridge, Mr. Lin worked as an Examiner in the State Intellectual Property Office of P.R.C. for more than ten years and involved in modifying the Patent Law and Implementing Regulations in 2008.
During these years, Mr. Lin has successfully handled more than 5000 intellectual property litigation cases in a variety of areas, including telecommunication, mechanical and electronic devices, MEMS devices, lasers, semiconductors, optics, photovolatics, computer software etc, many of which have been published as Model Guiding Cases by Courts.

Li Guang, Zhu

Dr. Zhu always focus on Patent Prosecution, Infringements and Validity opinions in areas of computers, electronics, telecommunications, and new and complex technologies.
As a professional patent attorney for more than 30 years, Dr. Zhu started his career in 1985. Prior to that, Dr. Zhu was a researcher specializing communication system, analog and digital signal processing, noise control, Transmission over Markov-Gaussian Channels, BICM Transmission.

Mu Bai, Geng

Mr. Geng is an attorney in Golden Bridge with over 25 years of experience in all areas of intellectual property practice, including patent, trademark, design, copyright, unfair competition, trade secret and entertainment.
Graduated with an honor degree of Aerospace from Harbin Institute of Military Technology back in 1968. Mr. Geng is specialized in mechanical devices, aircraft and rocket designs, rare earth related applications.
Mr. Geng has extensive experience in litigation, enforcement and dispute resolution, including patent litigations, foreign and domestic customs seizures, and international and domestic licensing and distribution disputes.

Lei, Hui

Mr. Hui graduated from Tsinghua University for his bachelor degree and Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences for his master degree. Before joining Golden Bridge, Mr. Hui has worked in SIPO for 4 years from 2007-2011, as a patent Examiner, and another 4 years in an IP firm as a Patent Attorney.
Mr. Hui mainly focus on prosecution and litigation, and his technical field is mechanical.

Tony, Lin

Tony Lin specializes in Foreign Patent legal services such as, Drafting, translating, and filing patent application, Responding to the Office Action, PCT patent application, Patent Search and analysis, Patent monitoring based on specifically technical solutions, Patent Pre-warning Analysis and Designing around an existing Patent, Requests for Examination, Requests for Invalidation etc..
Prior to his legal career, Mr. Lin was working at IBM as a software engineer and data analyst, developing algorithm for analyzing big data. He graduated as an engineering student at University of British Columbia.

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